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Apr 28, 2023 - Apr 28, 2023

Catalysts in Context - "Trust"

  • 1Day


Enrollment: Opens 11/18/22 This is the first in a monthly series addressing some of the most critical challenges facing 21c social impact innovators. Each one-day topic workshop addresses one of the key enabling capacities that are critical for most social impact organizations. This session will address the catalytic impact of Trust. Systemic trust in institutions and governments is critical to strengthening the capacity of diverse communities to work together to address major challenges. But what about the smaller, often unnoticed and unmapped ecologies of systemic trust that enable organizations access to the levers of change? Exploring the possible sources, behaviors, and evidence for these "quiet ecologies" will be the focus of this day-long inquiry. Future monthly sessions include Care, Security, Mobility, Agency, Access, Optimism, and Identity. Each meeting includes a presentation and dialogue with a master of contextual wisdom, each of whom is remarkable for their unusual ability to see, read, and navigate the complexity of their respective environments. A morning presentation and discussion will focus on the skills and mindsets that have enabled their ability. Following a break for lunch, participants will work in groups to create an 'Insight Ecology' map (by topic) for their respective organizations. Note: This ticket is for the first session in the Zoom series: Trust

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