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we see opportunity in an interconnected world 

OCULAR is a strategic impact consultancy working at the intersection of discovery, education, and design. Our programs guide individuals, teams, and organizations to the sources of strategic opportunity embedded in complex environments.



Organization and project-level engagements to transform early-stage creative output and build innovation capacity.


Studios that prepare organizations to access the contextual sources of insight and innovation most relevant to their mission.

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Ongoing support to leaders stewarding world-class

creative cultures.

We are supposed to be experts, but everyone in my group started laughing when we realized we'd only been scratching the surface. I wish this kind of thinking had been part of my graduate program.


                                    - A Lee, Financial Advisor

I don't think we'll ever see pencils, parking lots or our clients the same way again. I feel like the world just got a lot smaller, bigger, and more interesting.  The challenge my team is taking on looks very different now. 


                           - K Mendes, Founder/Owner

The studio was not what I expected. I now realize that we spend way too much time looking for the answers we want and are missing out on what's actually going on right in front of us.   I want the rest of my team to do this so we can change the way we serve clients.   


  -       S Valios, Community Health Advocate

“To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.”
― Mary Oliver
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